Transportation on your wedding: Detailed Planning Los Angeles CA -

Transportation on your wedding: Detailed Planning Los Angeles CA

Transport planning your wedding Los Angeles CA, is usually not as funny as the design of your wedding cake or the decor, but it is necessary to apply certain knowledge when renting transportation.

Summarizing the aspects that you should keep in mind, you have a list of possibilities to help you decide which is the best form of transport you Los Angeles CA, on the day of your wedding.

As main transportation options are very varied but easy to decide, just know how you want your perfect entry and exit can be exciting in a fireball very powerful, or some fairy tales in a carriage with horses, we leave the list of most used cars.

  • The classic and elongated limousine.
  • A collector car, possibly a Ford Model A
  • Horse and carriage, preferably only as spectacle, as this option you can carry long stretches within the city.
  • Luxury cars, classic and sports either bmw or mercedes
  • And finally the consent of your spouse, your car itself.

Decide which one to use, always thinking of the comfort, space and economic feasibility of renting higher prices.

A secondary transmission, which is not usually used but in the event that you do, is to transport the family and guests, you have to consider in the event that the location of the wedding and / or reception are remote or inaccessible.

Considering the number of guests will be easier to decide which transport to use, a limo might cost less than two luxury cars, but take more people, here is a list of the ability of some options.

  • Limousines elongated: 10-12 passengers
  • Limousine common: 6 people
  • Car City: 3-5 passengers (depending on the comfort)
  • Buses 30 to 60 Passengers