Themed weddings in Los Angeles CA

Themed weddings in Los Angeles CA

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    The decision to invite or not children at a wedding Los Angeles CA, is always a difficult subject, firstly people will often take their small children everywhere, by choice or because they simply have no one leave, other people think that children are a headache and not accustomed to more serious situations such as a wedding.

    Both sides have their pros and cons, but everything has a solution, for those who decide not to have children at your wedding is easy to clear it in the invitation, noting the number of guests or giving very personal invitations when required and invite someone " family ", you can specify what the minimum age or using a simple:" Adults only "on the invitation to the wedding Los Angeles CA, preferably should have the name of or guests, that will clarify to whom the invitation is addressed .

    On the other hand if you are of those people who think that children can add some magic to the atmosphere of the wedding, it should be ready for it, the most common is that there are always a few kids, who may be the nephews, young ladies with flowers, which are the flower petals scattered in the path of the bride at the church or the little boy ring for these babies and other guests who arrive by necessity or pleasure with their young children, it is necessary to prepare certain tricks to keep them entertained and in order.

    The stay of children in your party does not have to be a horror movie, here are some ideas we could control the little ones at the big event:

    The idea that the guests will enjoy the evening, dancing and cheering for the happiness of the newlyweds, you need to take charge of the children, who could be left to his charge with a sitter or in a family, but for those without, we must help them to continue to enjoy the night without worry.

    We use professional caregivers, knowing the number of children who will be hired or appointed to a couple of teenage care as toddlers.

    The trick to control them is to keep them entertained in various ways, and easily distracted, if possible to the local reception has an extra room, you can project a movie or entertain children with stories, away from the bustle and fun adults, even if the celebration lasts until late at night, you must adjust this room for children to rest while parents have fun, this idea sounds very complex, but it really is not, just a couple thin mats covering space usually good, a couple of soft blankets, will make this place a cot for children not to interrupt his rest. Parents can go pick them up when they are ready to retire or rest peacefully and encourage them to keep the party going a little longer.


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