The worst things you can say to a girlfriend or boyfriend Los Angeles CA -

The worst things you can say to a girlfriend or boyfriend Los Angeles CA

 Most times the talk about any topic in the wedding is perfect, but there are certain cases where the issues are often uncomfortable for the groom or bride, he learns to be a guest model, taking into account the following issues not to mention pump at a wedding.

The money and the cost of the wedding: phrases like "This must have cost a fortune" although it seems that it is appropriate to put a price on each element of the wedding, whether the suit, the dress, the cake, etc.., Tends to be uncomfortable in the sense that couples often do not have a huge budget and gets done what you can with that budget, not wanting any ego may be hurting, so it is better not to bring it up.

Many times the gift that you buy for the couple is subject to brag about how much they may be giving the newlyweds, or classic old rule of "pay for your plate", being more suitable to choose a wedding gift that reflects appreciation and closeness of his relationship with the husband, instead of walking boasting the cost and what you get in the wedding.

"So now comes the baby, right?", First comes love, then comes marriage. But you know what? Then comes the bride and groom want, you may be buying a house, working for a big promotion, or something else entirely. Everyone has their own schedule and life goals, which may or may not include the patter of little feet. Most brides and grooms are already quite overwhelmed by the wedding planning, so the last thing they want to talk about is another major life change.

"I can not believe they e married, I remember when ..." Just remember that the bride when she was a little girl crazy, or can provide a story about brotherly nickname when he was young groom, q not mean you have to say.

This goes double for any conversation you have with other wedding guests who know the bride or groom from a different time in their lives (eg, a co-worker or relative major). Yes, even children could be crazy to remember - but considering the formality of the day (not to mention the many relatives likely on the guest list), it is the best time to air their dirty laundry.

"Can you help me with ...?" When you e at a wedding, its pretty easy to see the bride and groom as two unemployed people who can help you find a better seat or anything you need, but keep in mind that it is your special day, they are there to serve you, if not to celebrate one of the most important days of your life, if you need something immediately, resorts to groom, the best man, but let the husbands now enjoy their carefree celebration.