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Orchestras in Los Angeles CA

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    There are many people with different roles, which can be of either sex, and may be more than one person involved in a wedding. All selected tend to be people close to the bride and groom, having in mind that they are chosen to share a beautiful moment of your life,they will have different duties before and during the wedding. The godfathers are usually people very close to the bride and groom, those who have known them during their engagement and have lived with them many experiences.

    Below is a list of the different roles at a wedding:

    Godparents: They are witnesses in the double act of the Church, they do not interact in the ceremony.

    The Bestman: He is the one who helps the groom and advised him during every stage of the preparations for the wedding. He may be your fashion consultant, master of ceremony, Bachelor Party Organizer, and the Coordinator of the other bestmen. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: carry the groom on time to the ceremony, make payments during the wedding, sign as a witness of the wedding, take the ring of the bride to the altar. He can also lead the toast at the reception.

    Maid of honor: She is the right hand of the bride during the wedding planning. Basically, she helps on the Bachelorette party or showers. She also helps  to arrange the wedding dress, tail, veil. She can help at the table of gifts or envelopes at the entrance of the reception. Helps dress up the bride. Shes the latest bride comes prior to the wedding,and she can carry the grooms ring.

    Godmothers: They are those nearby friends or beloved relatives, which form the procession of the bride. They collaborate with the maid of honor carrying out tasks assigned to them, such as printed invitations, make souvenirs for the showers, planning the bachelorette party, and many others. The bridesmaids should be outstanding guests. These bridesmaids can have several functions.

    The ring: It is the main, because what its it will seal the union of the couple.

    The brides loop: It represents the eternal union of the couple. They are usually a marriage. (two women or a couple)

    Maid of bouquet: It can be two people, one carrying the bouquet which is given to the Virgin Mary, and the other which carrying the bouquet that is going to be is throw out at the reception.

    Maid of arras:  Shes who gives the arras at the moment of blessing. These are symbol of prosperity and well-being at home. You have to be careful that they do not fall, because it is bad luck.

    Maid of rice: Can be one or more, who are responsible for having prepared the rice, at the exit of the couple.

    Maid of Bible and rosary: She enters to the Church alone after the maid of bouquet. The Bible and Rosary are two things that can not miss home.

    Sponsors: Family and friends of the groom who will assist in the planning and preparation for the big day. Its main responsibility is to help the grooms man of honor planning the bachelor party, and to pay for it. They can also help to seat the guests at the ceremony. They can help decorate the bridal car, etc.

    Girl of the flowers: Little girls  between 3 and 8 years old, who come to the altar in front of the bride, throwing out petals from a basket, or can bring a small bouquet, basket, or wreath.

    Ring bearer: Is a little boy between 3 and 8 years. Bringing the rings on a cushion, or small pillow. He can go even with or behind the girls flowers, to enter the altar.

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