Fun games bachelorette party Los Angeles CA

Fun games bachelorette party Los Angeles CA

There are many ways to make a bachelorette party, from the quietest parties and friends and friends like a normal party ...

    There are different ways to make a bachelorette party, from the quietest parties and friends and friends like a normal party, but the old lady or queen of the party will be the bride, like other wild celebrations but red-hot and hot shows, depends on the mood and the limits of each.

    But in the end a good bachelorette party Los Angeles CA, is one that is full of fun, so its best to plan several dynamic and games for all the guests involved and can not stop laughing.

    We have compiled a series of dynamic activities that introduce them then there from games to a more spicy roses, choose the one that best suits the type of hen party you want to offer.

    Divide the guests into groups (depending on number of attendees) and are given rolls of toilet paper to make a wedding dress. The winner is the group whose girlfriend has the best wedding dress made.

    In a dark bag to put objects should be humorous as cucumbers, carrots, condoms, etc. and every guest, blindfolded, must take one thing and guess what it is by touch.

    Are commanded to make a poster of her future husband and blindfolded to the bride. The idea is that she walks into the photo and the groom have to kiss on the lips. All the guests look and I assure you will not stop laughing to see the parts in which the bride kisses the poster.

    The famous game of truth or dare with the bottle. It puts a bottle on the floor and all the guests get around turns and spicy should ask questions to each other. Who does not want to answer is given a punishment such as a shot of tequila, take a pledge to act Kamasutra position, etc..

    They can also say it with mime play with pieces of paper with words related to the honeymoon, marriage, wedding, xxx movies.

    You can make a pole dancing contest for teams, the hottest dance team or take more laughter, wins. The bride can be the judge.

    Use balloons filled with confetti, the idea is that 2 people, emulate a sexual position in order to break the balloon, the more imaginative couple wins.

    A game is inevitable measure the aim of the guests and the bride, to see if it is ready for the wedding night. The game involves placing a toy penis at a distance, and each participant has rings that will launch and try to hole out, who has won more hits and can receive a prize. So who else fails it can be applied punishment.

    Something interesting that there is a game but goes far to entertain every time is to assign a nickname to each guest, something sexual or erotic and that is the name of your invited the whole party, must wear a badge to identify themselves.


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