Cosmetic Surgery: skin care before the wedding Los Angeles CA -

Cosmetic Surgery: skin care before the wedding Los Angeles CA

Besides the usual facial spa treatments and pre-wedding, many brides also undergo cosmetic surgery Los Angeles CA treatments and skin tightening, which can be used to guide the sunspots, acne scars, sun damage, and the uneven skin tone.

We explain some recommended treatments begin three months before the wedding.

Sagging Face: It is treated with radiofrequency stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. It gives a session every fortnight and at least 5 are required to notice significant results.

Lack of light: The most effective treatment to achieve a smooth skin is facial mesotherapy microinjections is rich in protein and hyaluronic acid. You must apply a session every fortnight thus perfectly be combined with radiofrequency, and in about four sessions you will notice a renewed light on your face.

Wrinkles: Botulinum toxin is a perfect alternative for correcting your wrinkles because it relaxes the muscle that causes. The results are stored 4-6 months. For more marked wrinkling, treatments with hyaluronic acid filler that corrects.

Acne: It comes with a peel, if the acne is mild, with a peel may be sufficient. If more severe acne have to resort to phenol peel three months before the wedding because for the first month the skin is red and scaly.

Body fluid retention: To do this is a combination of body and acupressure mesotherapy. The injectable homeopathic mesotherapy work on cellulite and localized fat and acupressure helps drain fluids and remove fat with mesotherapy mobilized.