Bright dots for contract Wedding Cake Los Angeles CA -

Bright dots for contract Wedding Cake Los Angeles CA

It is easy to go to a bakery and choose the flavor, color, design and size of a cake, it sounds simple, but really they are taking all the necessary precautions so that everything goes well?.

There are small points of great importance, not want to make mistakes and lose the much acclaimed wedding cake.

A contract for the wedding cake Los Angeles CA, it never hurts to make sure you have all of the following points in writing before signing on the dotted line.

Your name and contact information (address, phone and email)

The event date, time, location and phone number

Company name and contact information (address, phone and email)

Detailed description of the wedding cake that have agreed:

The taste of the cake

  • Fillings
  • Approximate Number of servings
  • Number of Levels
  • Form Level (s)
  • Training
  • Decoration
  • Additional Ornaments

The cost of the cake, the basis of kilograms, and the cost of additional details.

Number of slices (this can be adjusted later if changes have guests)

Delivery and setup of the story (including how and when cake will be delivered), preferably set a good amount of time before the wedding, since they may take time to assemble the cake if many levels.

Place of delivery (Be accurate, both the name and address of your local reception. Confirm if there is a separate entrance for deliveries.)

Mention all related objects such as bases, a fund for the cake, metal or wood, etc..

The point of this paper is to emphasize the formality and seriousness of this business, as there have been cases in which, bakeries fail in your order and missing written documents are not responsible for tremendous misfortune in his special day.