Beauty salons in Los Angeles CA

Beauty salons in Los Angeles CA

Natural and radiant, glamorous and sophisticated, whatever look you dreamed of for your Wedding Day. Find the best wedding hair stylists and wedding makeup artists local.

    After meticulously planning every detail of your wedding, after leaving everything perfectly for that day, and after the wedding, you have the right to save memories, many of them unique and few common, as for example you can keep your precious possession floral, the bouquet.

    The bouquet or also known as wedding bouquet Los Angeles CA has always been an excellent souvenir of weddings, a day so special deserves to have many beautiful memories. If you are one of the people who took time to choose carefully and good taste a floral arrangement which you were proud to carry, then with more reason you deserve to keep this precious memories forever.

    There are various methods to preserve this excellent souvenir, here we share 3 easy-to-use methods:

    Silica gel, is a fast drying method, and it is made through immersion in a substance similar to the Silicon sand.

    Pressing, this method does not preserve the full form, but generates a cute flat motif through a press of flowers and a final framework.

    Lyophilization, using a spray with special starch to set the colors, it is prepared enough and then you have to "bake" the bouquet in a lyophilizer.

    All methods explained previously let the presentation of beautiful images, glass, etc., but lyophilization is the only method that allows the "open system" (which doesn require protective cover), and yields results are more realistic, as life itself in terms of forms of flowers and colours.

    It is recommended for the best results, the branch must be especially careful during the ceremony and immediately after being led to the establishment that will make the process to preserve it.

    Think in the preservation of only a select group of flowers instead of the entire bunch. This will reduce the cost of preservation. In addition, it is important for conservationists to receive the bouquet in the best conditions. So use another bunch to throw, and at the reception, leave your real bouquet in a safe place where it is not exposed to be beaten or crushed (perhaps you should assign to a bridesmaid to handle this) as a precautionary measure. On the other hand remember that you will have food service warehouse to keep flowers in the refrigerator, or, if it is a hand-tied bouquet of flowers, put them in water.

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