8 fun games for bachelorette parties Los Angeles CA -

8 fun games for bachelorette parties Los Angeles CA

In a bachelorette party always has to be fun "adult", you can organize a bachelor party Los Angeles CA with or without strippers but its always good to plan some games

Here a list of some games that you can implement in a bachelorette party:

Give each one of your friends a platformer. Tell them to peel and proceed to sculpt shaped penis using only their mouths. The girl with the banana that most closely resembles a penis wins.

Form a couple of groups, one has to describe to mime words related to sex, and the other group has to guess them, then reverse roles. It is a very fun game for all involved.

More than a game for bridal shower Los Angeles CA is an ancient tradition. You must pass the roll with all the guests to write a nice message to the bride and put your name. At the end the bride will roll you can keep in your kitchen as a reminder of her bachelorette party.

The game is that each person will read a sentence beginning with "Never". Anyone who has done the deed must drink.

For example the single says "Never kissed a man with over 40 years of age." Usually all the mothers present drink after this comment.

Here is a list of "I never ..." to start the fun at the bachelorette party, but the game works better when the list is own.

  • I cheated on a boyfriend
  • I have seen a male stripper
  • I lied about my age.
  • I lied about my weight
  • I lied about my height.
  • I stuffed my bra
  • I did a striptease for my boyfriend
  • I received a striptease.
  • I had sex with a stranger
  • Ive been tied.
  • I vomited in public.
  • I kissed another woman.
  • Ive kissed two different types in a single night.
  • I dated a married man.

Its like the game "Pin the tail on the donkey", the difference being that it is putting the penis picture or poster of a man and make the penis in cardboard. Or better yet, get some man known (such as the groom) to be left photograph and make an enlargement of that photo. Each one, in turn, is blindfolded, is the tide a bit and try to put the mans penis.

Need bananas and condoms.

You should give your friends a banana and a condom and the winner will be the first to open a condom and put it on the banana.

Some of the girls attending the bachelorette party Los Angeles CA, competing with more sensual music in a fun, sensual dance. A jury of other girls decide who wins.

A game must in a bridal shower is to measure the aim of the guests and the bride, to see if it is ready for the wedding night.

The game involves placing a toy penis at a distance, and each participant has a ring that will launch and try to hole out. Those who did not guess right may be punished with a drink.